My admiration for the way Bill is giving away his money is buffered somewhat by the recollection of where it all came from in the first place.

While the Gates Foundation certainly does good work, I prefer to choose my own charities and am waiting for the Gates family to mention their gratitude to all the hundreds of millions of people and companies who paid hundreds of dollars too much for defective operating systems – especially the way MS made it extremely difficult to buy computers without any OS so we could simply recycle the one from our old discarded computers or install a free OS.

Perhaps they, like the politicians in Washington, have forgotten where the money came from in the first place. In large part it the Gates money came from the way consumers were forced to overpay for PCs because they came bundled with Windows.

Nevertheless, first family of software is to be admired. At least the money really belongs to Mr. Gates  and he can do with it what he wants – it isn’t Microsoft ‘s CEO and Board of Directors deciding to be charitable with the stock holder’s money the way so many companies’ managements always seem to forget that the money isn’t theirs to give away.

Still my admiration is somewhat tempered by my memory of how many PCs I was forced to buy with Windows already bundled in the package, even when I had FreeBSD sitting here waiting to be installed.