Apple can give but can't take

Apple has complained about Microsoft's laptop ads, a hacker has defaced the RAAF website and Firefox 3.5 users could fall victim to drive-by attacks.

Apple is very proud of its advertisements. So much so that the ads are often played during keynote speeches given from the company, and they aren't shy in attacking Microsoft in terms of security or not being "fun" enough.

Yet Microsoft comes out with a decent set of ads, dealing with laptop pricing, and Apple immediately wants the ads pulled because they lowered the price. With a single phone call, Apple completely validated Microsoft's angle and it should come as no surprise to learn that the advertisements will keep running.

Apple should grow a thicker skin.

Users of Mozilla's new Firefox 3.5 browser be warned that a zero-day exploit was found in the JavaScript compiler that could enable a drive-by attack. Firefox developers are currently working on a fix, but if you want to be 100 per cent safe, the only workaround is to completely disable JavaScript.

Steve Ballmer came out this week and had something to say about Google's Chrome OS. The Microsoft CEO said that he couldn't understand why Google would want two operating systems and said that Microsoft learned the lesson that it isn't a good idea the hard way.

The Royal Australian Air Force fell victim to a hacker that defaced its website with a warning message to stop racism against Indian students in Australia. The Air Force was not forthcoming on the technical details of the hack and said it would be inappropriate to comment further as the Defence Security Authority was conducting an investigation into the incident.