Apple may be selling iPads by the million, but’s Shelley Portet has found the magic fading.

It was love at first sight. It was so smooth, so sleek, so not a laptop or a smartphone.

We went everywhere together. We played games, we listened to music, we caught up on missed episodes of The Apprentice.

In fact, I began to wonder how I had managed life without it.

But that was then.

Once my best friend forever, my iPad now sits in my flat, reduced to the status of a digital photo frame, our true love faded into a mere shadow of what it used to be.

 Apple iPad

I loved my iPad once, but somewhere along the line the spark fadedPhoto: Natasha Lomas/

So why the breakdown in our rapport? At first I was taken in by the newness of our relationship, but once it faded, all that was left was something that wasn’t a laptop and wasn’t a smartphone and too useful either.

Here’s why my iPad love has waned.

1. Typing on a screen is no fun

Typing on a screen is a bit like walking up the stairs instead of the escalator: it takes what feels like unnecessary time and effort when we know there are faster ways of doing it.

At first I thought the faff of typing on a glass screen simply meant I wouldn’t use my iPad to type long emails, but then I found that entering bank details on the iPad and even filling in registration forms became an arduous task as well.

As a result, I found myself browsing on my iPad, only to switch over to my laptop when I wanted to pay for something or do some typing. Eventually I preferred to skip the middleman, going straight to browsing on my laptop without using the iPad first.

2. My iPad is not always the most convenient device

On the occasions when I know using the web will be restricted to idle browsing – an ideal time to use an iPad – my smartphone is almost always next to me (I can’t say the same about my iPad) and so gets picked up first.

For scrolling through my Twitter feed or Facebook updates, my smartphone does the trick. Why get up to hunt for my iPad?

3. My iPad battery is always drained

There have, however, been several occasions in the recent past when I have been about to look up something on my smartphone and decided to use my iPad instead, only to then find the battery has drained.

Again, I know it might sound lazy, but…


…in a world driven by convenience, if it’s not ready to go, I’m moving on.

And in a vicious cycle, if I’m not using my iPad regularly, I’m not going to get into a routine of charging it up.

4. I can watch iPlayer on my TV

An oft-cited use for the iPad is being able to watch iPlayer in bed and, I confess, I have on many occasions done just that.


I find the Kindle so much more convenient than the iPad for reading on the commute to workPhoto: David Carnoy/CBS Interactive

But then I have a TV in my bedroom which can link to the internet, giving me the choice of watching iPlayer on a bigger screen that doesn’t require me to hold it. The TV wins, the iPad loses.

5. The Kindle is so much better for reading

I, like many people, believed the iPad would be the death of e-readers – who wants a device that does one thing when you can have a device that does 10? While I wouldn’t go as far as to say the iPad is a jack of all trades, master of none, there are devices that fulfil certain functions better – for me, at least.

And you know what, I don’t mind slipping my Kindle into my handbag because it hardly weighs anything, doesn’t hurt my eyes when I read from it and – back to point three – it tends to be charged most of the time.

The Kindle is, in my opinion, a very good e-reader and so when I want to read, the Kindle comes along.

The end of the road for me and my iPad?

It’s not that I think the iPad is a bad tablet – in fact I think it’s a great tablet. If you’re in the market for one, I’d recommend the iPad.

I guess I’m just not sold on the need for a tablet device if you’ve got a smartphone, a laptop, internet-enabled TV and an e-reader. Perhaps I just have too many gadgets, but that’s true of most people buying an iPad.

And yet I did love it, once. It just seems as though everyday life got in the way.

Perhaps, as with any good relationship, both parties have to put in the effort to make it work, so maybe it’s time for me to try a little harder. Maybe it’s not time to write off my relationship with iPad just yet.