If you’ve ever used a cheap stylus, you know frustration. It’s imprecise, it lags, and it’s generally an unsatisfying experience.

That’s not the case for the Apple Pencil. They won’t call it a stylus, but that’s what it is — it’s Apple’s input device for the iPad Pro, and it’s good.

The Apple Pencil really excels at sketching and note taking. You can use it with iOS’s built-in Notes app, or boost the experience of using apps like Notability, Concepts, or Paper.

Thanks to sensors in the Pencil, you have an incredible amount of control. You can be as precise or blunt as you want.

Sketching on an app like Concepts, feels about the same as sketching in a notebook, but maybe without the natural resistance of graphite on paper.

With an app like Paper, which is great for annotating, the Pencil is helpful for fine details.

And if you prefer to take notes by hand instead of typing, once again, it provides a smooth experience– here’s a look at the Pencil and the Notability app.

Those are just three of the apps out there that will work with the Apple pencil. You might have your own favorite already.

So, if you’re able to lay down $1,000 for an iPad Pro, tacking on a $99 Apple Pencil will be worth the investment.