Earlier today, Apple began a new email campaign to encourage customers to use their iPads for work and office tasks.

“From budgeting to brainstorming, the App Store is home to a huge collection of productivity apps designed for iPad, including Microsoft Office. They’ll help you get the most from your iPad no matter where or how you work.”

As part of the productivity push, Apple has worked with a number of app developers to reduce pricing on 20 different productivity apps. They’re all worth a look by anyone who uses their iPhones or iPads for work:

1. Fantastical

I reviewed this popular calendar app earlier this year. Highly recommended for both iPhone and iPad, it lets users use normal language to enter their calendar events: “Meet John at noon for lunch at Applebee’s on Thursday.” iPhone: $5 (normally $10); iPad: $8 (normally $15)

2. Clear

This is a minimalist to-do and reminders app for iPhone and iPad. It has a simple and easy-to-use design, and can sync with Clear for Mac (a separate purchase) over iCloud. iPhone and iPad: $2 (normally $5)

3. Notability

A note-taking and sketching app, Notability allows users to annotate documents, take notes on existing documents, and import forms or PDFs to mark up within the app. It can also record audio and allows the replay of both audio and the creation of the note simultaneously. iPhone and iPad: $2 (normally $5)

4. MindNode

MindNode is a “mind mapping” app that’s used for outlining, brainstorming, and more. For iPhone and iPad: $5 (normally $10)

5. Scanner Pro

This is a powerful app that allows users to scan documents with the iPhone’s camera, turning them into PDFs and automatically adjusting for color, grayscale, or document types to ensure readability. With Scanner Pro, you can automatically upload to Evernote, Dropbox, or iCloud. This is what I personally use, but there are a number of other scanner apps out there. iPhone and iPad: $3 (normally $7)

6. Launch Center Pro

This launcher application allows users to automate frequent tasks across many different apps. It integrates with apps like Yelp, Facebook, Google, IFTTT, Twitter, Mail, Phone and FaceTime. Launch Center Pro is a must-have app for iOS power users. iPhone and iPad: $2 (normally $5)

7. Boxer

This is a third-party replacement for the native Mail app, which integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP and more. However, it doesn’t offer POP3 support. It includes a number of power user features to manage email faster. iPhone and iPad: $5 (normally $10)

8. Prizmo

Prizmo is another scanner app, but it includes optical character recognition (OCR) functionality to turn the printed page into easily edited documents. You can also use this app to automatically extract information from business cards. iPhone and iPad: $3 (normally $10)

9. Tydlig

This is a powerful and reimagined calculator app that uses more visual functionality, allowing users to touch and move numbers around within equations. It includes real-time graphing and history storage. iPhone and iPad: $1 (normally $3)

10. iTranslate Voice

iTranslate Voice is a Star Trek-style universal translator that translates spoken language in real time between dozens of languages. It was recently featured in an Apple television ad. iPhone and iPad: $2 (normally $5)

11. Writer Pro

This is a minimalist text editor with writing analysis and a very spartan interface, which allows users to focus on writing. Writer Pro is a competitor to Byword, which I reviewed last month. iPhone and iPad: $5 (normally $20)

12. Grafio

Grafio is a powerful drawing, flowchart, and diagramming tool that includes smart shape recognition of drawn objects and much more. iPhone and iPad: $4 (normally $9)

13. PDF Expert 5

This is a powerful PDF reader and editor that allows markup, highlighting, form filling, notes, signatures and more. It also syncs with multiple cloud services. iPhone and iPad: $5 (normally $10)

14. PCalc

This powerful calculator app is aimed at scientists, engineers, programmers, and other calculator power users. It includes RPN mode, paper tape, unit conversions and constants, engineering and scientific notation, plus hex, octal, and binary calculations. iPhone and iPad: $5 (normally $10)

15. Gneo

Gneo is a to-do and task management app that combines calendar and to-do lists to plan better tasks throughout the day. iPhone and iPad: $4 (normally $10)

16. Due

Here’s another reminders app, but this one focuses on powerful timers and alerts. Due has a very simple yet intuitive interface. iPhone and iPad: $2 (normally $5)

17. Todo

Todo is a very powerful to-do list and reminders app. It includes projects, sub-tasks, start and due dates, recurring tasks, geotagged tasks, and much more. This app uses the popular Getting Things Done (GTD) approach. iPhone and iPad: $2 (normally $5)

18. TextGrabber

TextGrabber is another scanning and OCR app, but this one includes text translation between dozens of languages and focuses on getting text from print to digital. iPhone and iPad: $7 (normally $15)

19. MobileFamilyTree 7

This mobile genealogy app includes extensive charting and reports. It supports GEDCOM import and export, syncs with iCloud, and integrates with the FamilySearch genealogy archive. iPhone and iPad: $7 (normally $15)

20. Scanbot

Scanbot is a quick scanning app with automatic edge detection and scanning for multi-page documents. OCR is also available via an in-app purchase, plus you can upload automatically to a variety of cloud services. iPhone and iPad: $1 (normally $2)

Give these apps a look if you’re in the market for new productivity applications on your iPhone or iPad, but do it quickly! The sale ends on Thursday, August 14th.

Are there any great productivity apps for iOS that weren’t included in Apple’s discount? Let us know in the comments below.

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