Apple raises curtain on iPad

Generating buzz this week is Apple's new tablet device -- iPad. Will Australia be getting the 3G version?

Apple has finally taken the wraps off its much-awaited tablet computer, dubbed, oddly enough, iPad. The Wi-Fi only model (without 3G access) will be available in Australia in March. You can watch the video of Steve Jobs' demonstration of the device here. For a closer look at the features, see this image gallery.

Google seems to be getting more serious about social media, by making new hires for its social web team. On that note, its Social Search (a feature that lets you get information from friends in your social networks in search results) has entered the beta stage.

In other news, Chrome 4.0 for Windows has been released, featuring extensions and bookmark sync, as well as support for a number of HTML5 features. Meanwhile, Mozilla has opposed YouTube's decision to support H.264 codec for HTML5 video, pushing for the adoption of a free and open alternative Ogg Theora.

In feature articles we looked at dotTrace 1.3, your alternative to Visual Studio profiler, and how to handle a one-time project.

Finally, for photos from last week's in Wellington, see this gallery.

--Posted by Lana Kovacevic