On Thursday, Apple released iOS 11.1.1, the latest OS update that fixes a few pesky bugs, but fails to solve battery drain issues.

Perhaps most notably, the update will fix an issue with keyboard autocorrect, which was turning the letter “I” into “A [?],” much to the irritation of business users and others. Many users reported the bug after purchasing an iPhone X for $1,000 when it was released on Friday.

The update also fixes the problem where the “Hey Siri” command randomly stops working, according to the release notes.

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However, iOS 11.1.1 does not seem to contain any new security fixes. It also doesn’t appear to fix the battery drain issue that many users reported, according to ZDNet. However, you can find a workaround for that problem here.

An upcoming update will also address another problem reported by iPhone X users, in which the phone’s screen becomes temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment.

To download iOS 11.1.1, you can go to Settings > General > Software Update on your device, and begin the download. You can also connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a computer running iTunes, and then carry out the update–however, this method is slower and takes up significantly more space.

Apple has patched a number of bugs in the past year, with many related to security, as TechRepublic’s Brandon Vigliarolo reported. Last week, researchers participating in the Pwn2Own 2017 contest successfully hacked an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.1, and were able to drop malicious code into the device. And in the last several months, the company had its secure enclave decrypted, had been sending unencrypted Exchange credentials, faced another Wi-Fi attack in iOS 10 with Broadpwn, and was having keychain contents intercepted as plain text.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

1. On Thursday, Apple releases iOS 11.1.1, fixing bugs with autocorrect and Siri.

2. The update does not appear to include any security fixes, or battery drain fixes.

3. Apple has patched a number of bugs in the past year, with most related to security vulnerabilities.