Apple is on a mission to grow in the enterprise. With its wide-ranging partnership with IBM and internal efforts, the company wants to sell more iPhones, iPads, and Macs to businesses. But Apple isn’t stopping there. It would like its newest product category, the Apple Watch, to take over boardrooms and production floors, too.

According to a job posting (first noticed by AppleInsider), Apple is looking to hire an “Apple Watch Marketing Specialist” to work with its Business Markets team in Santa Clara Valley, California.

The team, according to the job summary, is “responsible for amplifying all the great things our customers worldwide are doing with our technology in enterprise.” In other words, Apple wants to tell companies what their existing customers are up to, in order to encourage them to adopt Apple’s technology and products.

And, unsurprisingly, that includes the Apple Watch. Just days after Tim Cook revealed the watch to the world last September, I said that enterprise IT should embrace the Apple Watch because, for nothing else, employees will be wearing it.

We might even see IBM and Apple teaming up to develop Apple Watch apps like they are for the iPhone and iPad. Custom applications are sure to abound, just like they have for Apple’s other portable devices.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company had received more than 1,000 app submissions for the Apple Watch in the first week that it was accepting them, and that the pace of submissions had only accelerated. To be sure, like with the iPad and iPhone before it, there will be many terrible Apple Watch apps–apps with flawed concepts and user interface designs that don’t work, or just ideas that need a little polishing. They were all over the App Store in the early days (and still today, if we’re honest), but developers and customers eventually figured out what they wanted from each other, and the App Store is one of the world’s greatest money generators for developers.

This will be true for the Apple Watch too. Developers and companies will come up with innovative apps, solving problems for consumers and employees alike. It’s natural that Apple, which has run several ad campaigns in recent years showcasing how people are using its devices, would want to tell the story of the Apple Watch in business environments.

I’m thinking there will be some great stories to tell.

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