2008, so far it feels like equal proportions of recovery, cricket and cleaning. Not to fear though, as we enjoy the beach and BBQs, other parts of the world continue to deal with the big issues.

Trying to sneak under your festive radar was news that Apple has filed a patent entitled “Run-time Code Injection to Perform Checks”. The abstract states that code is injected that would perform periodic checks on the authenticity of the software. If the software is found to be fake, the application would be closed and made unusable.

Also appearing during the break was the announcement that AOL would finally kill off the walking corpse that was Netscape — the browser portion, the brand is continuing as a portal on Netscape.com. Any remaining Netscape users are recommended to move to Firefox although Seamonkey would seem to be a better fit for people needing a browser/e-mail suite.

If you are ahead of the curve and using Firefox 3 then you may have had the unpleasant experience of having your extensions disabled. With a quick bit of editing of an install file you can fool Firefox 3 into resurrecting your extensions. Functionality is not guaranteed, as I discovered to my frustration yesterday afternoon.