This week the computer electronics show is being held in Las Vegas and though Apple isn’t officially attending, their presence is most definitely in effect. With several products already being announced for Apple’s iOS devices, one can feel the excitement of new products on the horizon. The show ends Friday, January 13, but there has been plenty of Apple-related news to discuss. Here are the highlights so far.

Apple announces education event

Apple announced today that they will be hosting a press event of their own. The invitation has very few details; however, it does say that the event will be held at the Guggenheim Museum on January 19 starting at 10am. The event will likely showcase a new publishing platform for educational texts that is tied into iTunes U. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Apple confirms buyout of Anobit

Apple came clean on the purchase of Israeli-based tech company Anobit. No comments as to what plans they have in store for the organization, but, considering that Anobit develops technology that integrates with solid state drives to make them more stable, chances are pretty good that Apple will be using them to make their portable devices last longer and work harder.

Apple is at CES

Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t have an official booth at CES, more than 250 Apple employees have reportedly registered for the event this year. One of those employees is Apple’s own iOS product marketing chief Greg Joswiak, who was spotted just outside Sony’s booth while scouting the competition.

Vizio makes a splash at CES

This year a name that has been synonymous with HDTVs, Vizio, has decided to step into the ring with Apple by introducing a brand new line of beautiful computers as well as a $100 1080p set top box that streams video in HD. The set top is said to rival the Apple TV and Roku box offering the ability to stream 1080p video over WiFi or Ethernet as well as offer several other services from Hulu Plus, Netflix, Slacker Radio, HBO Go, and others.

New gaming accessory for iPhone

Several new gaming peripherals for iOS devices have debuted at this year’s CES. One that stood out to me is a traditional game pad that works with any Bluetooth enabled portable. The device by Gametel holds your phone in a horizontal position and allows you to play games using a typical game pad layout. It does require that the developer support the product in their software, so unfortunately it won’t be compatible with every game, but is sure is a great start.

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