iOS 10 has been out for several days, and today the iPhone 7 hits the streets to join it. There are a lot of changes in iOS 10 and its accompanying iPhone, and that means lots of app changes as well.


Apple’s built in messaging app might look the same at first glance, but there are a bunch of new features. Auto suggest now includes emojis, there are multiple full-screen animation effects, and there’s a lotof other features as well.

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There’s also the addition of a whole bunch of third-party sticker apps. If sending animated text bubbles and full screen fireworks isn’t enough for you there’s always Justin Bieber, Ellen, and Kevin Hart stickers (to name a few) to use in place of regular emojis.

The all new camera

The iPhone 7+ may be the one sporting the fancy double-lensed camera, but the iPhone 7 still has its share of improvements. Both phones have larger apertures and improved color recognition, which will make photos better than ever before.

Several photo apps have made changes as well:

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has added support for Adobe’s DNG photo format (their answer to RAW), helping it take advantage of the iPhone 7’s improved camera.
  • ProCam 4, Manual, and Reuk are all camera apps that allow for complete manual photo quality control. Their new updates have added support for RAW files.
  • MaxCurve is a feature-rich photo editing app that allows a lot of custom control. Their latest update adds new CMYK curves to take advantage of the new color features of the iPhone 7.

Siri gets more practical

Siri itself isn’t an app, but it’s playing nicely with a whole bunch of them in iOS 10. With the Siri API opened up quite a few developers are taking advantage of voice commands, including:

  • Venmo and Square Cash will allow users to send cash simply by speaking a command.
  • You can now send LinkedIn and WhatsApp messages just by telling Siri to send one.
  • Uber and Lyft rides can be requested with newfound ease.
  • Workout apps like Zova and Map My Run can start, stop, and pause workouts.

Check your favorite apps to see who else is adding Siri support–there are definitely more out there and more to come.

iWork apps get a big new feature

Apple has just added a big, and well overdue, feature to its iWork suite: collaboration. Documents stored in iCloud can be edited by multiple people at the same time: An essential feature in today’s cloud based world. Now you can do the exact same thing in native Apple apps that Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 made available ages ago!

Swift Playgrounds

It’s not an update or a new feature, but Swift Playgrounds is worth mentioning: It’s an iPad exclusive app that turns coding into a game. Designed for kids, but useful to everyone, Playgrounds will teach Apple’s Swift programming language from the bottom up using a variety of puzzles and coding experiments.

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If you’ve always wanted to program an iOS app but lack knowledge of the basics of coding Swift Playgrounds is designed just for you.

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