Project management is an art and a science. There are some very popular and robust industry certifications available that, once acquired, can propel a competent project manager’s career into overdrive. These industry credentials generally require some real-world experience and, at the end of the process, allow a project manager to prove his or her mettle.

If you have some time to spare and you want to use it to improve your project management skills, you should consider whipping out your smartphone and checking out these three apps, which allow you to run through a lesson or a quiz set.

Project Management Training

Vendor: Upward Mobility
Cost: $3.99 in the Android Market, $7.99 in the Apple App Store

Upward Mobility has a number of education apps available in the Android Market and in the Apple App Store. The Project Management Training app has 167 questions designed to test your knowledge about project management in preparation for your certification exam. Every question is paired with what the vendor calls a “Key Takeaway” designed to reinforce learning. This product is targeted at anyone who wants to get their PMP certification, but it can be used for general learning as well.

The screenshots in Figure A, Figure B, and Figure C give you a look at the product.
Figure A

Flash card style questions test your formal project management knowledge.

Figure B

Work in Study Mode to keep learning or Test Mode to test your knowledge.

Figure C

Answers include a takeaway that helps to reinforce your knowledge.

Read about the iStudy P2 Project Management Foundation Exam – 220 Questions app.

iStudy P2 Project Management Foundation Exam – 220 Questions

Vendor: Panacea Solutions Limited
Cost: $19.99 in the Apple App Store

If PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is more your style, iStudy P2 Project Management Foundation Exam – 220 Questions expands and tests your knowledge of the elements necessary to pass the foundations exam. Available in four operating modes — Normal, Exam, Stress Test, and Knowledge Area — the app accommodates different learning styles in order to maximize your knowledge of the subject and likelihood of success. As the name implies, there are 220 questions included in the app.

Figure D

The app asks the questions and reveals the answers upon demand.

Figure E

Test your knowledge and get immediate feedback.

The company also offers the iStudy PMP ® Exam – 335 Questions app for $19.99.

Read about the PMP app.


Vendor: Sprockit, Inc.
Cost: $2.99 in the Apple App Store

This app has received very good reviews and includes content developed by PMPs. With more than 1,500 questions (plus another 1,000 or so pieces of information), this app is your comprehensive one-stop-shop for your PM education needs. The purpose of this app is to help you pass the industry standard PMP exam.

Figure F

Choose the topic type that you’d like to study.

Figure G

Choose your flash cards.

What’s your favorite project management app?

If you use an app to help you learn new project management techniques, post your app recommendation in the discussion.