For decades, Apple fans have proven themselves as the most vocal, die-hard supporters of any consumer electronics or software company. In fact, one of its most prominent marketing employees, Guy Kawasaki, described his role at Apple in the mid-1990s as finding ways to “rejuvenate the Macintosh cult.” Cult is a strange way to describe a corporation’s customer base, but as they have proven time and again, Mac users definitely seem to qualify.

Why do Apple customers care so much? (

Mac fans are so dedicated that they will wait in line for hours, not to purchase a new product, but just to be the first to enter a newly-opened Apple retail store. In fact, many Apple fans are so, for lack of a better term, rabid, that even other Apple fans get turned off by them. However, it isn’t just Apple fans that are singing Apple’s praises these days, as many corporations are starting to see the iPhone as a valuable business tool.

Diehard Apple fans line up way in advance for N.Y. store opening (

The Apple Fans (and Critics) Respond (Extreme Tech)

Apple iPhone Winning Corporate Fans (PC World)

I am related to one of the “Die-hard” Apple fans — my father has been an Apple proponent for years and years. Our first computer was an Apple 2, and I get to listen to all of the new developments whenever our conversations move to computing and electronics, which is often, since I am a professional geek. I can also relate strongly to being a rabid fan, because that term can be used to describe my love for the Houston Rockets.

The only issue that I have with some of the Apple fans is the intransigence that some of them demonstrate when talking about alternative platforms. This feeling seems to be shared by many people, even some die-hard Apple fans. This fact is evident by the responses the writer of the Extreme Tech article (linked above) received after his article was published. Normally, this type of intransigence is exhibited by people who work in the marketing department of the company in question, so what makes Mac fans such rabid advocates?


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