A new survey from Deloitte in the U.K. says that CIOs often have undefined roles and are tied up in operational objectives at the expense of strategic planning. This contradicts a recent report from the Society of Information Management. Take our poll to help sort out the truth.

The survey from Deloitte and the Cranfield School of Management had just 40 participants but the report Realizing value from a CIO had some interesting opinions about the CIO job role. One of the authors of the report said:

“Many CIOs still have their performance measured on the basis of traditional IT metrics, such as uptime, project delivery and variance from budget. Only a small minority of those CIOs interviewed were measured in a manner that reflects the strategic nature of the role, and both its information and technology components.”

This perspective about the CIO being out of the executive loop flies in the face of the State of the CIO research from the Society of Information Management (SIM), which released the results of its annual survey in November. As you can see in chart 1, the SIM survey shows that 85% of CIOs report to either the CEO, COO, or CFO.

Chart 1

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