There are a variety of reasons to leave one field for another, including a lack of work. With the economy in a state of flux and the tech sector taking a hard hit, we’re wondering if TechRepublic members are leaving IT for short- or long-term careers in other fields. Join the discussion and weigh in with your thoughts, opinions, or experiences.

The age/old question
Gmandel, a member who lives and works in the Silicon Valley area, said many factors are pushing people from IT.

“Some people are leaving IT because of age discrimination,” she wrote. “Others found that the rewards didn’t match all the hard work, demands, and sacrifice.”

At 32, Gmandel said she’s beginning to wonder how much longer she’ll stay in the tech field.

“Something I’ve loved about IT is the requirement to be agile and fast in learning,” she said. “It has been quite surprising to me, though, that as more people need a ‘sixth bit’ for their age… that same fast speed may propel them out of IT for basic survival.”

You’ll have to drag me out
While Gmandel contemplates the aging/agile ratio, another member says he’s digging in his heels to remain marketable. Although he’s out of work right now, still another member, who chose not to give a username, mentioned expanding skill sets and avoiding being pigeonholed into one language or technology.

“Instead of reading John Grisham novels, I’m reading Java manuals and studying more COM techniques,” the member said. “I may end up going back to my old, old job as executive secretary but not without a fight!”

Why are you leaving?

Whether it’s because you can’t find work or you’re just sick of a thankless job, we want to hear why you’re leaving IT. If you have left—or plan to leave—your IT career behind, join the discussion.