I’ve run across quite a few news stories in the past few months concerning women in the video game industry. From gaming groups to gaming conventions, women are making their presence known. I decided it was time to collect some of my own information about this topic by talking to the CEO and co-founder of WomenGamers.Com, Phaedra Boinodiris. Take a look at the article, which also provides a link to the podcast: “At long last, a networking haven for women gamers.”

According to Phaedra, “The hottest selling games – the ones that are the least risky – are going to be the ones that are gender neutral, that hit that sweet spot where the common, casual gamer of both sexes are going to be very interested in playing it. And I think the key in developing a game like that is focusing on really good game play, really good design – and that’s not a small effort, and it does take a lot of skill.” 

Do you agree with Phaedra, or do you think that games that try to be too much to too many people may actually end up missing the boat? Profitability-speaking, would game makers, marketers, and advertisers benefit more by creating gender-specific games?