On Thursday Microsoft announced a first quarter revenue of $13.76 billion; 27% up on the same period last year. Chris Liddell, chief financial officer at Microsoft said, “This fiscal year is off to an outstanding start with the fastest revenue growth of any first quarter since 1999.” What I find interesting is that in the same press release Kevin Johnson, president of the Platform and Services Division at Microsoft is quoted as saying:

“Customer demand for Windows Vista this quarter continued to build with double-digit growth in multi-year agreements by businesses and with the vast majority of consumers purchasing premium editions.”

Electronista claimed that take-up rates are actually declining. Over the first three months of sale, Microsoft sold an average of 20 million copies of Vista per month. That figure had declined to around 10 million per month during early summer and 9.3 million per month over the last quarter. I’m not sure this is showing a real drop-off in Vista take-up; the first few months of sale were obviously fuelled by early adopters and upgrades (I believe the coupon upgrades would have been included in those figures). Since then take-up would seem to have been relatively stable and some fluctuation could be normal. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see figures increase as the holiday season approaches.

Statistics aside, I think the question should be, “Are you happy with Vista?” With the majority of new computers now shipping with Vista (unless XP is specifically asked for), it’s obvious that sales will continue. Despite extended support for Windows XP running until 2014, many businesses will see a move to Vista as inevitable and start to plan deployment. Despite this ,I wonder how many people actually prefer it to XP? The majority of people I know who have been using Vista for a while are pretty unimpressed. Once the novelty of the sleek new look has worn off there isn’t any real benefit to running Vista; I know several people who have rolled back.

What are your opinions after almost a year of Windows Vista?