WebSlices are a new feature in Internet Explorer 8 (IE) that allows a user to subscribe to content from within a Web page. A developer has to create a WebSlice, and currently only a few Microsoft partners have WebSlices available. I believe this will change as IE 8 goes mainstream. It could actually explode. I think it is very cool to have a graphical presentation of a feed.

If you are interested in creating WebSlices, you can download instructions on how to do so and begin developing them today.

Let’s provide you with an example by starting off with a WebSlice-enabled search on eBay (Figure A).

Figure A. WebSlice search

When results are returned, you simply hover over the picture and click the purple feed (Figure B).

Figure B. WebSlice enabled

IE then asks if you want to subscribe (Figure C) to this WebSlice. Click Add to subscribe.

Figure C. Subscribing to a WebSlice

Your WebSlice is automatically placed in the toolbar and you can click the button to see your WebSlice, as shown in Figure D and Figure E.

Figure D. WebSlice
Figure E. Viewing the WebSlice

When you are done with the WebsSlice, you can delete it by right-clicking on the feed in the toolbar and choosing Delete (Figure F).

Figure F. Deleting a WebSlice