During the past few weeks I have been picking the brain of the TechRepublic Community of IT professionals about their plans, or lack thereof, regarding Microsoft Windows XP. The results of the poll questions make it quite clear: with regard to enterprise operating systems, the majority of decision makers are not planning to migrate off of Windows XP anytime soon and not at all until some reason presents itself that makes the move a necessity.

Part of my curiosity was sparked by my own recent need for a new workstation. My 5-year old Dell desktop was dying, and I requested a new workstation. I received a mid-tower HP with 3GB of RAM and a dual-core AMD CPU. Coupled with a DVD player-burner, I was very happy with the hardware. However, as a company, CBS Interactive is still on the Windows XP platform. I began to wonder how much longer XP would be the operating system of choice for the enterprise now that the natural product cycle of the installed hardware base is aging.


So, since we established that Windows XP will be around for a while, the question becomes, when do you plan to upgrade hardware. Are the desktops in your enterprise failing at increasing rates? Are you planning to purchase upgrades all at once or just replace what needs replacing whenever it happens?