On Wednesday, Google released Latitude–an application that let’s you track someone’s location using their mobile phone. Are you ready for friends, family, coworkers, or your boss to track you?

Geographic tracking via cell phone isn’t a new practice. For years, 911 systems have able to locate mobile phones through cell tower triangulation. GPS-enabled smartphones make the task even easier. And, Google’s not the first to provide the public with a tracking service. Several companies (TeleNav, Guarding Angel Technology, World-Tracker, AccuTracking, among others) provide cell phone tracking solutions to individuals and businesses. Some mobile carriers even provide location services–Verizon’s Chaperone and Sprint’s Family Locator. Yet, the mobile masses have yet to widely adopt these cellular tracking services. Google hopes to change that with its free Latitude application.

CNET’s Natali Del Conte gave this video report on The Early Show earlier this week.

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