Just because you’re an IT leader, it doesn’t mean you necessarily get to make the ultimate decision. Take our poll and see where you compare with other TechRepublic members in your powers of decision enforcement.


When we created the Decision Central blog, one of the potential names for the blog was going to be “The Decider.”  The problem, however, was that the term decider has taken on a negative connotation in some respects.

That’s not to say, though, that the term in the best sense of the word isn’t relevant, especially to today’s conversation. Being an IT leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the final say in the decision-making process. You may have to answer to someone higher in the organization. You may have to work with others in the organization. Or you may just exercise influence over the final decision.

Where do you stand?

Share with other TechRepublic members where you stand in the decision-making process. Are you The Decider? Or are you at the mercy of others? Take the poll below and sound off in the Comments about what being The Decider means to you.