This story advises people who give excuses like, “I’m too fat to get into my work pants,” that less information is probably more when calling in sick. For people who work outside the United States, there’s no need to worry. It seems that this irresponsible tendency is limited in scope: “More U.S. workers playing hooky” ( 

According to a survey conducted by, “Forty-three percent of U.S. workers said they’ve faked illness in order to dodge a day of work at least once in the past year.” That number is up 35% from last year.

Here are some other interesting facts about the survey results:

  • The number one reason for playing hooky? To relax and catch up on sleep.
  • Most popular day to skip work? Wednesday (because calling in on Mondays and Fridays – for a sweet, extended weekend – might raise bosses’ suspicions)
  • Funniest excuses?  “I’m too fat to get into my work pants” and “I accidentally flushed my keys down the toilet”

I would love to hear some personally stories about this one, from people who have given off-the-wall excuses and from managers who have heard some doozies. Of course, all of my excuses are legit… *wink*