In a recent Quick Poll, we asked our members to name their favorite Web development tool. Only four tools—Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, JBuilder, and ColdFusion—were offered as options. We shouldn’t have been surprised that a whopping 34 percent of the votes fell into the “Other” category.

In a follow-up article, “Visual Studio vs. Dreamweaver: Which one has the edge?” staff writer Lamont Adams asked our audience to post their favorite Web development tools. It turns out that our members use a wide variety of tools, and you weren’t shy about sharing them.

Some are mainstream, high-powered content creators, while others are simply specialized text editors. But, as one TechRepublic member put it, “any developer or author is best equipped with a full arsenal to work with. Knowing what to use for which task would seem the key.”

Add to your Web development arsenal
Explore these links to your colleagues’ favorite Web development tools.

  • Fireworks (Macromedia)
    A set of bitmap and vector tools for creating, editing, and animating Web graphics.
  • UltraDev (Macromedia)
    Facilitates the development of database-driven Web applications in a visual environment (using ASP, JSP, and CFML).
  • CourseBuilder (Macromedia)
    Free extension for Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev 4 for the creation of interactive pages with Web-based learning content.
  • HomeSite (Macromedia)
    Lightweight text editor; free trial download available.
  • Visual InterDev (Microsoft)
    Formerly Microsoft’s Internet Studio, this product offers a visual development environment including a database support package.
  • GoLive (Adobe)
    Professional Web authoring and site development package for creating dynamic, database-driven Web sites; free trial version available for download.
  • WebSphere Studio (IBM)
    Suite of integrated tools for content authors, graphic artists, programmers, and Webmasters.
  • EasyASP (EasyASP)
    A free comprehensive Web editor software application that compares itself to Homesite.
  • Emacs (GNU)
    This free software bills itself as an “extensible, customizable, self-documenting, real-time display editor.”
  • Domino (Lotus)
    An integrated messaging and Web application software platform. The first public beta of the next release of Domino, code-named Rnext, is available for download.
  • EditPlus (ES-Computing)
    This is an Internet-ready, 32-bit text editor, HTML editor, and programmer’s editor for Windows. A trial version is available for download.
  • XMLwriter (Wattle Software)
    XML editor for Windows; a fully functional version is available for download for a 30-day evaluation.
  • 1st Page 2000 (EVRsoft)
    This freeware Web authoring and programming package can scale to the user’s skill level, with modes ranging from “beginner” to “hardcore.”
  • Web Easy (Ixla)
    Design software geared toward small business, entrepreneurs, and home users. No HTML programming or technical skills are required.
  • Zope (Zope)
    This open source product is used for developing content-management applications.
  • Forte (Sun Microsystems)
    Forte is a suite of software development tools to create and maintain C, C++, and Fortran applications.
  • EditML (NetBryx Technologies)
    A Windows-based editor for creating XML documents.
  • HotDog (SMS Management & Technology, formerly Sausage Software)
    This is an editing environment for HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, VBScript, and JavaScript.
  • PowerSite (Sybase)
    A suite of tools for creating distributed, component-based Web applications, PowerSite is an “archived” product now included in Sybase’s PowerJ and PowerBuilder suites.
  • HoTMetaL Pro (SoftQuad)
    A Web site development environment with editing, site management, and publishing tools.
  • XMetaL (SoftQuad)
    XML editor and content application development platform.
  • SAS/IntrNet (SAS/IntrNet)
    A variety of tools for building dynamic Web applications.
  • Flash (Macromedia)
    Software for designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Web sites.

The missing links…

Is your favorite Web development tool missing from this list? Let us know what it is, and we’ll provide an updated list to the community. Send us an e-mail with the product name, description, and Web link, or post your comments below.