This week’s TechRepublic poll asks whether IT pros are working more hours, less hours, or about the same number of hours as they were five years ago (you can log your response to the poll at the bottom of the TechRepublic front page, if you haven’t already responded).

In my experience, a lot of IT pros seem to be working longer hours because their departments have been squeezed over the last several years due to cost-cutting. That has meant less staff members to do the same workload, and in other places the IT department’s workload has grown without increasing the staff.

As a companion to this week’s poll, we’ve also started a discussion thread for TechRepublic members to discuss their workload increase or decrease over the past five years. So far, the majority have said they are working more. One of my favorite responses among the current posts came from amcol, who said “You can put a smile on your face or a dollar in your wallet, and it’s tough to do both at the same time. I’ll take the smile.”

So are you working more or less than five years ago? Join the discussion.