I have kept my finger on the pulse of IT News for several months now, and I am continually surprised when I see clothing intersect into the technology domain. I’ve blogged about this phenomenon before, and when I browsed News.com today, I came across another one that deserves mentioning: “Wearable game weaves clues into cloth.”

According to the story, “If you find yourself wearing clothes from a new company called Edoc Laundry, beware: Strangers may walk up to you on the street to examine the intricacies of your shirt’s patterns.” This is because Edoc Laundry “literally weaves an episodic, multimedia game into the fabric of the garments.”

“The idea is an extension of so-called alternate-reality games, or ARGs, in which people try to solve puzzles that are propagated online but require players to team up to find clues in the real world. Usually, the games are promotional vehicles for other products, including video games and movies.”

If you’d like to see what I’m talking about, check out the accompanying photo gallery: Garments with game.

When I first read this story, I thought the idea was completely off the wall – but then I realized that it’s just because I personally would not be interested in participation. However, with the enthusiasm that young people today are getting involved in games, mysteries, and puzzles (just look at how popular the televised series Lost has become), this ARG that incorporates a line of clothing to figure out clues is no less than genius!! The person who brainstormed Edoc Laundry definitely deserves a raise.