There are few things Girt by Code loves more than a story about local Australian developers doing well.

ZDNet Australia has the story of Bleeply, a start-up in private beta that gives companies the ability to prevent inappropriate tweets with a five-minute grace period. One of Bleeply’s co-founder’s Matthew Landauer is from the OpenAustralia website that provides Federal Hansard transcripts and copies of politicans’ statement of interests. Bleeply utilises Ruby on Rails and WebSockets, and is deployed on Heroku.

A couple of things that I like about Chrome is its bundling of Flash and a basic PDF reader.

Now Firefox is getting in the act with PDF.js. One day, the developers hope that it will be a properly cross-browser, but it currently only works in nightly Firefox builds.

Finally, love it or hate it, Ubuntu makers Canonical are going to create a Unity-derived UI for tablets and smartphones.

If you like to camp out for your new electronic devices, I suggest you take a fair amount of supplies with you on this trip; Mark Shuttleworth says that a production version of multi-device Ubuntu will appear in April 2014.