Aruba debuts network core switch and OS purpose-built for cloud and 'flood' of IoT data

The Aruba 8400 Core Switch Series and ArubaOS-CX offer improved visibility, automation, and programmability for enterprise networks.

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New Aruba solutions announced Monday could help businesses better manage the data coming from cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. The Aruba 8400 Core Switch Series and ArubaOS-CX operating system are meant to address new business needs in mobile and cloud, while also handling changes in traffic from the "massive flood of data sources and growth in IoT," according to a press release.

Despite the massive growth in IoT, there have been few changes in network switches to account for it, according to Aruba's press release. The release went as far as to call today's switching platforms "antiquated," announcing that the new system would take a "leap beyond" those capabilities.

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"While the Aruba 8400 provides the carrier-class availability and performance that organizations need in a core switch, the innovation goes beyond table stakes to address the need for immediate visibility, greater security, better insights into troubleshooting, and easier automation, giving enterprises true business agility as they move to mobile-first, cloud, and IoT-enabled businesses," the release said.

The real value in the system is the OS. The ArubaOS-CX offers automated visibility for early detection of problems at the network level and down to the system and application levels as well, the release said. Automatic correlation of network activities will make it easier for admins to glean insights from the data presented to them.

To address these problems once they are found, the release said that the Aruba 8400 can "provide immediate resolution via its programmability and its intelligent policy-based integration with network monitoring, performance, and security management tools." This means that it won't have to rely on traditional tools like CLI and SNM. The goal is to resolve problems before they grow into massive issues.

The Aruba 8400 is also fully programmable, the release said. Each function has a built-in Python interpreter and REST-based APIs that help improve application and infrastructure flexibility. The new Aruba switch can also be scaled as needed.

The The Aruba 8400 Core Switch series is available now.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Aruba's new 8400 Core Switch series and ArubaOS-CX OS aim to improve visibility, automation, and programmability for enterprise networks.
  2. The ArubaOS-CX also provides automatic correlation of network activities to make it easier to solve problems before they balloon out of control.
  3. The Aruba 8400 is also fully programmable and scalable as needed.

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