Having a presence on the World Wide Web has become as
common and as necessary for most enterprises as having a telephone number.
Customers, clients, vendors, and investors all expect the convenience of a Web
site. However, while this reality is well-known to you as an IT Professional,
the fact is that not every enterprise is necessarily equipped or prepared to
internally host its Web site. In those situations, third-party service
providers may be called upon to host your Internet infrastructure.

The first step to take when choosing a dedicated Web hosting
service involves a thoughtful analysis of what you want to achieve as an
organization with regard to a Web site. TechRepublic’s Making IT Work Audio
Webcast: “10 questions for choosing a Web hosting service”
takes you through such an analysis by tapping the considerable knowledge and
experience of CTO Dick Tonnemacher, co-founder of HRSoft, Inc.

The first five questions in TechRepublic’s Making IT Work
Audio Webcast focus on the overall strategic needs of your organization and
prompt you to consider the needs of your Web site for scalability in
infrastructure and staffing. The last five questions in the Webcast focus on the tactical questions you will want to ask a
prospective Web hosting vendor. The answers you receive will go a long way
toward determining which vendors most closely match your expectations and
strategic plan.

Before you make any decision regarding what hosting
infrastructure you need to successfully manage your Web site, you will need to
assess your current strategic needs. The choice of a third-party dedicated Web
hosting service will depend on both strategic and tactical factors. By
listening to TechRepublic’s “10 questions for choosing a Web hosting service”, you
can get the answers you need to make the right decisions for your enterprise.