I found something other day called The Tough Questions Blog. The blog is geared toward, “Business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has anything at all to do with sales, marketing, customer service, or product development – no matter the size of the company.”The blog’s author, Adam Brucker, Founder and Managing Director of Criterion Advisors, maintains that you should ask yourself the following questions in to succeed in any business endeavor:

Is what you’re working on:

  1. Audience centric?
  2. Simple as it could be?
  3. Valuable enough for all?
  4. Real, authentic, and genuine?
  5. Of high enough quality?
  6. Remarkable in any way?

Since job hunting is basically a marketing endeavor (you’re marketing yourself to prospective employers), you can apply some of the same principles on which the site is based into your job search. Brucker recently counseled his audience on how to apply the questions above in your resume. I thought the advice was pretty good and he presents it in a no-nonsense way.

For example, the first question is “Are my resume and cover letter audience centric?”

Brucker’s advice is clear and straightforward: “It’s great that ‘you want, you desire, and you need…’ but here’s the real deal, your audience (in this case, me) doesn’t care all that much about what it is you want. I’m just as self absorbed as you are and am really interested in knowing what you can do for me and my company.”

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