Assess future bandwidth needs with our Capacity Planner

Build a more solid estimate of your organization's future bandwidth needs by using this tool to measure expected changes against current demands and usage.

One of the biggest challenges facing IT decision makers is determining the future needs of their organization and ensuring that those needs are met in an efficient and cost-effective way. Capacity planning is a particularly tricky aspect of this task, and the effort to nail down expected demand is often driven by guesswork, instinct, or anecdotal evidence.

We've created a tool that's designed to give the process a more scientific foundation, allowing you to measure your organization's expected changes against the current state to determine whether—and by how much—you'll need to increase or decrease your bandwidth capacity.

Beyond the prototype

Because the Capacity Planner is a brand new tool, we're hoping you'll download it, take it on a shake-down cruise, and tell us what works well and what could be improved. Would additional types of functionality make it easier to use or allow you to make a more realistic assessment of your bandwidth needs? Does your planning involve usage trends or decision factors that the tool doesn't take into account?

We don't expect to build a tool that will be all things to all techs, but we're committed to the notion that a useful utility can become even better if we implement suggestions made by members who think we may be on to a good thing. To that end, we hope you'll share your feedback and suggest refinements or enhancements that you think would improve this tool.

If you could use some help getting a firmer estimate on your future bandwidth needs, we encourage you to download the Capacity Planner and try it out. Then, let us (and other members) know what you think by posting to the discussion below or by joining our general feedback discussion on the Downloads page. And feel free to e-mail us with your ideas for modifying this tool or for creating other types of tools that would save you time and energy in your work.

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