In November 2006, The 451 Group published a survey regarding the use of open source software to save money. What the survey revealed is interesting: As you might imagine, cost is the main motivation for turning to open source. However, cost isn’t always the primary benefit. Many IT professionals found that reduced dependency on vendors and flexibility were just as important as the money they saved. The continuing success of open source products was easy to predict.

Now we’re in the middle of a recession and saving money is more important than ever. Flexibility and dependency are taking a back seat, and the symbiotic relationship that made open source successful could also kill it. Don’t let disappearing open source catch you and your clients unaware. Run a quick survey of your own to learn which open source products your clients are using and then check those products for solvency. Consider the following:

  • If an open source product relies only on support income, it might disappear. As budgets shrink, companies will force employees to make do with less. They’ll spend less money on support for open source products, which will impact you as well as the developers providing the product.
  • If an open source product relies only on online advertising, it might disappear. It’s doubtful that a business model that depends just on online advertising can survive a recession, regardless of the product.

Even a product that’s generating income from both support and advertising is at risk, as both streams could dry up quickly. If an open source product suddenly disappears from radar, your clients might lose data; at the very least, transitioning to a new product after the fact will impact your client’s productivity. For now, recommend open source products that sell value-added extensions to their core products, at least for critical processes — these have more staying power.

There are no guarantees, but that’s true even with licensed products.

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