AT&T expands global business Wi-Fi and boosts collaboration for pros

AT&T is bringing business Wi-Fi to 60 countries and upgrading mobile capabilities in the AT&T Collaborate platform.

AT&T is getting ready to test its new 5G broadband, and it's completely wireless

AT&T will be offering business Wi-Fi in 60 additional countries, as well as improving its collaboration technology, according to Tuesday press releases. Both advancements will forge more efficient and innovative business operations, improving connectivity and communication.

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AT&T Business Wi-Fi service is coming to 60 more countries, but it doesn't stop there, as more countries will be included in the future, according to an AT&T press release. The expansion will not only improve business interactions, but will also help deliver better customer experiences, according to the release.

"Wi-Fi isn't an option for businesses anymore - it's a necessity," said Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer of AT&T Business, in the press release. "As a key part of any integrated solution, Wi-Fi can be the biggest driver in businesses creating new ways to operate and engage with their customers."

Additionally, AT&T is integrating the mobile voice capabilities from AT&T Collaborate - Enhanced Mobile, into AT&T Collaborate. This enhancement will let business professionals bring the office anywhere they go, said the release.

AT&T Collaborate - Enhanced Mobile offers a native dialing option, allowing users to make and receive phone calls without opening an application, while also leveraging the features included in AT&T Collaborate, said the release. The Enhanced Mobile solution provides business-focused tools such as auto attendant and corporate caller ID, added the release.

The AT&T Collaborate and Enhanced Mobile solutions offer access to AT&T Collaborate Meetings, which can support up to 200 audio and video participants, said the release. The upgraded web portal gives users a more seamless interface to interact with, allowing them to easily access service management capabilities.

The app can now also intelligently merge communications with business cloud applications, as well as gather information like communication history and documents, all within one collaborative space, continued the release.

These improvements are especially beneficial for remote workers, who predominantly collaborate digitally. AT&T Collaborate and Enhanced Mobile can help enhance their user experience, while improving the quality of their work and communication.

"Heading into the office no longer means what it used to. We build every enhancement into AT&T Collaborate to help ensure that no matter what 'office' means to you, productivity won't be an issue," said Pacewicz in the release.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • AT&T is expanding business wireless connectivity to 60 additional countries, and plans to continue expanding in the future.
  • AT&T has improved the mobile capabilities for its Collaborate platform, allowing users to easily communicate within the application on the go.

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