AT&T partnership will bring 'open source AI marketplace for businesses'

AT&T and Tech Mahindra are launching a new platform called Acumos, hosted by the Linux Foundation, which aims to make it easier to build and share AI apps.

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A new open source artificial intelligence (AI) platform from AT&T and Tech Mahindra could make it easier for developers to build and manage AI apps, AT&T announced in a Monday press release. The platform, dubbed Acumos, was unveiled among other cloud and mobile initiatives.

In addition to lowering the barrier to building and deploying AI apps, the platform will also offer an App Store-like area for getting and upgrading the apps themselves. The release described the solution as an "open source AI marketplace for businesses."

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Because of the serious complexity involved with creating such apps, they're often only accessible to their creators themselves. AT&T and Tech Mahindra want to make the apps reusable and more accessible to firms that may not have the initial resources needed to build them in-house.

Using the Acumos platform, developers can edit, integrate, compose, package, train, and deploy AI microservices, the release said. Additionally, the release noted that "applications can be chained to create complex and sophisticated AI services."

For example, someone who wants to create an app that provides analytics for video could use the platform to add features such as location tracking and facial recognition to boost its value. Other AI models in the platform could be used to curate content, build virtual reality (AR) solutions, or provide a framework for autonomous vehicles.

"Our goal with open sourcing the Acumos platform is to make building and deploying AI applications as easy as creating a website," Mazin Gilbert, vice president of Advanced Technology at AT&T Labs, said in the release. "We're collaborating with Tech Mahindra to establish an industry standard for AI in the networking space."

The platform is built on AT&T Indigo, the company's software-defined and data-powered network for faster internet speeds. For starters, the release said that the companies would be focused on the telecommunication, media, and technology verticals, but the platform will ultimately be available to everyone.

"Artificial intelligence is a critical tool for growing our business. However, the current state of today's AI environment is fractured, which creates a significant barrier to adoption," Gilbert said in the release. "Acumos will expedite innovation and deployment of AI applications, and make them available to everyone."

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. AT&T and Tech Mahindra have built an open source platform called Acumos that could make it easier for developers to build and deploy AI apps.
  2. The platform will also provide a marketplace where the apps can accessed and customized to fit the specific needs of an organization.
  3. The platform is built on AT&T Indigo, the firm's solution for next-generation internet speeds and 5G deployments.

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