AT&T is partnering with Samsung Electronics America (SEA) and Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS) to produce America’s first-ever manufacturing-based 5G “Innovation Zone” in Austin, TX, announced AT&T CEO Thaddeus Arroyo at the 2018 AT&T Business Summit in Dallas on Wednesday.

The mission of the testing center is to learn how 5G affects manufacturing in real-world settings, as well as gain insight into the future of smart technology in factories, said Arroyo.

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This Innovation Zone will be in the Samsung Austin Semiconductor, an advanced semiconductor fabrication facility, and will join AT&T’s 5G wireless technology with Samsung’s 5G network equipment, according to a Wednesday press release.

One of the major use cases that will be explored in the Innovation Zone is 4K video, said Arroyo. 4K video will be explored in combination with sensor data and analytics to try and improve plant security and detection response, said the release.

Additionally, the Innovation Zone will test industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor environmental and equipment conditions, such as vibration, temperature, and speed, said the release. Location services to improve safety will also be explored at the testing center.

“We’re hard at work deploying our commercial mobile 5G network for people and businesses in parts of a dozen cities by the end of this year,” said Igal Elbaz, AT&T senior vice president of wireless technology, in the press release. “Seeing a number of technologies enhanced and improved by 5G at a large manufacturing plant will give us an exciting glimpse into a 5G world, which is closer than ever.”

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • AT&T and Samsung are bringing America’s first Innovation Zone 5G testing center to Austin, TX.
  • The Innovation Zone will explore real use cases of 5G technology in the manufacturing industry, working in tandem with IoT and sensor data.