Normally on a Sunday afternoon, I would be joining my friends in the World of Warcraft. But today I had to come to the office to prepare a newsletter for publication. I had started the weekly project late last week and only had about 30 minutes worth of work to do.

On a typical weekend I would have used the VPN, but Insightbb, my ISP, decided this weekend, Ky Derby weekend, would be a good time to deploy new hardware. Of course, the whole system crashed and I have been without an online connection from home since late Friday evening when they kicked me off without warning.

The whole process has been a real cluster-flop. The only response you can get from them, assuming you make it through and can wait the hour and a half on hold to actually talk to someone is “We’re working on it. They are running some scripts to fix it – it should work soon. Almost 72 hours later and no service – those must be some big scripts.

I wonder how much DSL costs in my area?