The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is offering to quadruple its usual $5000 reward during July for information that leads to catching businesses that make use of unlicensed or pirated software.

BSA Australia co-chair Clayton Noble told ZDNet Australia‘s Josh Taylor that many of the informants are IT managers dobbing in their former employers.

“We get former CIOs and former IT managers of businesses that have left the business and are sick and tired of the business not being willing to pay for the software they’re using,” he said. “They think they can cut corners by buying one licence and deploying it across all PCs in the business, for example.”

Past numbers from the BSA have shown that leads increase when offering a larger reward.

While you are looking at the article on the new, take the article into its own window and resize the window. That’s some nice adaptive design right there.

But the best example of an adaptive website that has passed through my browser in recent times is a preview site of

Microsoft’s preview site at desktop size
(Screenshot by Chris Duckett/TechRepublic)

Watching that site go from a full-screen experience all the way down to a sliver of a site for mobile resolutions in one resizing is a thing of beauty. Here’s to having one less explicit m. site on the internet.

The same site resized to fit mobile screens
(Screenshot by Chris Duckett/TechRepublic)

Be warned, though: I could only get the preview site to appear in Firefox; Chrome directed to the existing site.

Sticking with Firefox, the Boot to Gecko project has renamed itself Firefox OS, and gained two manufacturers: Alcatel and ZTE. It has also gained a fistful of carriers in the form of Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica and Telenor.

The first devices are expected to launch in Brazil early next year, through Telefonica’s Vivo brand, and will target the lower end of the market.

“Firefox Mobile OS can help us drive an HTML 5-based platform for creating lower-cost smartphone options for prepaid, post-paid and wholesale customers.” said Fared Adib, product chief at Sprint.

After previewing Boot to Gecko a few months ago, I’ll be interested to see how it transfers over to the cheaper phones on the market.

Check out our gallery to see what it looks like if you are unfamiliar with Firefox OS.