Every other week it seems that some bright spark is pushing the boundaries of technology and copyright legislation by recreating old games in the browser.

One of the best I have come across recently is Command and Conquer remade with HTML5 tech and JavaScript. It’s a bit heavy and can take a while to load on slower browsers, but it’s C&C in your browser! Check it out before it is sued into oblivion.

The next game comes straight from bullet hell and is called Project Blaze Zero. Another in-browser game, this one struck me as really smooth and nigh on impossible until you find the sweetspot. It’s just one level, but it is gorgeous.

If you want to have the mobile game experience in your browser, then there is always Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.

Suffice to say that there are many, many more HTML5- and JavaScript-built games out there to see, and more are appearing every day.

Doom, Quake and Castle Wolf! Oh my!

Going old school and returning to the world of desktop gaming, id software announced this week that all of its open-source releases are available now on github.

All this software was available previously, but being on github does make it far more convenient than before. Someone has even posted instructions on getting Quake 3 onto a BlackBerry PlayBook. I’d be interested to see if this is even playable, and how any controls would work. Anyone want to volunteer?