Microsoft has pushed a critical fix to users to resolve a vulnerability in the .NET framework could allow an elevations of privileges and prevent a DoS attack that takes advantage of hash collision inside of hash tables.

Microsoft’s security bulletin MS11-100 has all the fix-related details — but don’t think that this is only relevant to .NET; PHP and Java also fall foul of the same vulnerability.

For the technical details on the hash tables collisions, you could read this pdf or view the video below from the 28c3 conference, which takes an hour but is far more informative, in my view.

There are plenty of session videos online from 28c3 already at the conference’s YouTube channel.

If you’d like to spend your days working on one of the world’s greatest physicist’s chairs, then you’ll need to head over to Stephen Hawking’s website and apply to be his next technical assistant.

The work won’t be easy: look at the amount of electronics on the back of Hawking’s chair, and you have to maintain all that without any instruction manual or technical support. The remuneration for such work comes in at £25000, but you do get to travel and spend time with Hawking, so that should be worth more than money.

We finish off today with a clip of Raspberry Pi booting up, playing a 1080p movie, and using the LXDE desktop. I can’t wait to get my hands on these little guys. Our previous post contained a link to pictures of the Raspberry Pi boards.

A happy and safe new year to everyone and we’ll see you in 2012.