Atlassian, makers of a variety of platforms for software development and program management, has announced the addition of a dozen new DevOps “features, automations and integrations to help developers take their time back and ship better code, faster.”

The features are all based on Atlassian’s survey conducted earlier in 2020, which found that while 90% say DevOps has had a positive impact, 84% said they faced barriers to implementation.

Those barriers, Atlassian said, include disconnected tools, manual processes, changing collaboration processes, context switching, unnecessary meetings, and other impediments to coding time that developers need to ensure a “continuous integration and continuous deployment” that devops is known for.

“We’re helping developers focus on their code as we uniquely connect development, IT operations, and business teams with automation that spans our products and third-party tools,” Atlassian said.

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The 12 new DevOps tools

The personalized Your Work dashboard in Bitbucket Cloud has received several new features. It will now include Jira issues assigned to users. It also now features a new team-level view inside each repository that shows connected projects and Jira issues for cross-referencing.

Jira Software Cloud now has DevOps automation triggers that allow users to create rules that keep work in sync across activities, update Jira issues, as well as create “more complex rules like reassigning Jira issues for QA or code review, or even sending a message to your team’s Slack channel about new PRs,” Atlassian said. Automation rules added in this update also work with BitBucket Cloud, GitHub, GitLab, and other code repositories that integrate with Jira Software Cloud.

Bitbucket Cloud’s pull request experience has added new features including task list consolidation, Jira issue creation integration, and activity feed filters.

Atlassian’s Visual Studio code integration extension has been updated to bring “your entire dev pipeline into your editor, with your task list from Jira Software Cloud, a complete code review experience, and CI/CD tracking from Bitbucket Pipelines.”

Scanning and quality reports have been added to the Bitbucket Cloud code review experience. These include Mabl test automation, Sentry automated monitoring, and Snyk security integration. All of the new integrations are built on open APIs.

New automated change management features in Bitbucket Cloud that connect Atlassian CI/CD pipelines to Jira Service Desk Cloud “pause your CI/CD process, create a change request in Jira Service Desk, and then trigger the deployment once it is approved.” This feature is still in early access.

Opsgenie has “new, deep integration into Jira Software Cloud and Bitbucket Software Cloud helps teams shortcut this whole process, giving the first responders an audit trail for recent deployments and their related Jira tickets.”

The new integration centralizes alerts and filters out unrelated issues, and a new incident investigation dashboard creates a centralized locations where “teams can look at the deployment that happened right before the incident, add it as a potential cause, and contact the developer who made the change so that they can roll it back and resolve the incident.”

Atlassian has also created a DevOps resource hub for community discussion, AMAs, Confluence templates, guides, and more.

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