Too much money? Wasted use of equipment? Impractical? Say what you want, but you know that you want it.

Image Credit: Atlassian

Take two 42″ TVs, some PC speakers, two Mac Minis running FaceTime, and, of course, some web cams, and you too can have yourself a portal-esque video-conferencing experience. You’ll also need some LEDs to recreate Portal’s orange and blue hues, and a wood facade to mask out the FaceTime preview video and give the oval-like appearance. Full details are on the Atlassian blog.

As far as geeky office decorations go, this one is right up there, even if I can see this being more useful for pranking rather than practical uses. It’ll definitely help Atlassian maintain its high spot on the best-places-to-work list.

Atlassian says that future work on the system could include using an Xbox Kinect to allow users to swipe between video feeds of different offices.

As the cynics scoff, think of the alternatives; you could have a David Brent type decide to post a series of these posters around your workplace in order to appear “edgy”.