I just don’t understand it, my Google Mail (Gmail) spam folder overflows. What you say, lots of it – well, their spam filters must be working. While that may be true, I’m expecting more for what they have to offer.

Gmail is a great tool, while I don’t use if for personal mail I do run all my mailing lists through it – I consequently have a searchable archive of questions and answers for those lists. One of which, FlexCoders, has 11,000+ threaded messages in it, rarely have I not found a solution searching this personal archive.

Spam always seems to come in cycles, it’s particularly heavy on Gmail for me at the moment – I’m getting on average fourteen bits of spam per day (twenty one yesterday) and the spammers are becoming more clever as the odd message or two is getting past Gmail’s spam filters.

The thing that I don’t get is why isn’t Google just blasting the spam away. Their filtering is able to detect 99% of spam, why not automatically delete it for the really obvious stuff. I don’t really want to keep the messages about VIAGRA.

There’s no secret that they’re able to monitor the content of email in a non-intrusive way, open an email and you see target advertising based on the content of the message.

Please Google step the monitoring up a notch: monitor what’s getting deleted from everyone’s spam folder; mark that down as a trend and delete that for the rest of us – or is it more worth your while to keep that there and monitor spam effectiveness?

While I realise that genuine mail could inadvertently be deleted, and that I’m suggesting that Google should interfere with messages in my account I can’t help but think that this could be useful.