As summer starts to arrive, there’s still a number of developer and tech-related events happening across the country.

The first is JSConf Australia, which will take place on November 15 at the Sydney Town Hall. The organisers have released the schedule for the event, and it’s a great line-up for lovers of JavaScript.

If you want to attend, you’d best be quick; the event has already been sold out once, and a second round of tickets is now available.

A couple of days later in Sydney, the OpenAustralia Foundation will be holding a hackfest. Entry is free, and this time around, freedom of information (FOI) gurus and activists are invited, as well as the standard developer type.

The event will be held at Google’s Sydney headquarters, the same venue as its previous hackfests.

If you are not familiar with the OpenAustralia Foundation, it is the group behind the website and the OpenAustralia site that provides Federal Hansard transcripts and copies of politicians’ statements of interest.

Staying in Sydney yet again, at the start of December, an old conference favourite is making its return, in the form of OSDC. The schedule for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the event is online, with this year’s venue to be the University of Technology’s Ultimo campus.

Lastly, tickets are now on sale for RubyConf Australia, which is due to happen in Melbourne between February 20 and 22.

Do you know of any other events that we missed? If so, let us know in the comments below.