Who would have guessed that the vaunted “Australia tax” for electronics would end on iPads with the release of the new version of the device overnight?

Seamus Byrne has the breakdown, where he says that the Australian prices are better than US parity prices. It’s nice to finally see some vendors reducing the mark-up on shipping goods into the country.

And before one dons their fanboy hat and goes absolutely gaga over the “4G” LTE capabilities in the new device, the semi-sad news is that it will not work on Australian 4G networks, but is capable of running on Next G, which should give up to 42 megabits per second. If you absolutely must have an LTE-capable tablet, then seek out a Galaxy Tab 8.9.

Meanwhile, at the CanSecWest conference, Google Chrome was the first browser to fall after a French team created a page that was able to breakout of the Chrome sandbox in a default installation and launch the Calculator application on Windows.