Thanks to the Australian Government’s fetish with internet filtering, the country remains on the enemies of the internet watch list.

Stilgherrian over at sister site ZDNet Australia went through his reasoning why we deserve to be on the list, and wrote that: “an ill-defined mandatory censorship system is still official government policy, we don’t know how ongoing policy reviews might turn out, and, after zero democratic process, a system has been installed that by design is almost guaranteed to cause collateral damage”.

While yesterday I reported that Australians can expect to pay just over $50 for the device, overnight the foundation has said that Australians will now pay $38 for it. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether this new price includes shipping or not.

On the software-release front, Audacity 2.0 has been released; Firefox 11 has appeared, while an interesting debate goes on over whether the browser should allow support for H.264 playback if the decoders are already present on the system. Considering Mozilla’s previous stance on non-Free codecs, this would be quite a turnaround. A full road map for Firefox in 2012 was published last night that includes such goodies as completing Web Sockets, silent updates, and DASH WebM support.