If you manage an Exchange infrastructure, you’re probably
either really diligent about Exchange information store maintenance, or you
only do it during your company’s annual “clean up day.” Regardless of
your level of tolerance for old, stale information in your store, you can make
your Exchange servers run better, and your users get faster response by
regularly cleaning out your Exchange information store.

While the tools included with Exchange will do the trick and
achieve the overall goal of a more stable, faster system, these tools are
fairly limited in the areas of reporting, and general completeness.  GOExchange greatly
expands on the tools provided by Microsoft and makes Exchange database server maintenance
less painful and automatic.

Further, GOExchange includes a
complete GUI environment that is much more intuitive than Exchange’s command
line utilities.

GOExchange starts at $295 or $995
(list price) for up to 25 mailboxes, depending on whether you want a
“single shot” or an unlimited license.  A single shot license allows you to run a
maintenance operation a single time before you must upgrade to an unlimited

For more information, visit http://www.goexchange.com.