Eva Chen, who co-founded Trend Micro 20 years ago was not one to shy away from criticizing her peers.

She was quoted saying:

For me for the last three years I’ve been feeling that the anti-virus industry sucks. If you have 5.5 million new viruses out there how can you claim this industry is doing the right job?

Unsurprisingly, Trend Micro has a new technology up its sleeve to address this exact problem. Dubbed the “Smart Protection Network,” the technology uses pattern comparison at the Internet cloud-level, resulting in a client-side agent that is a staggering 70 percent smaller than existing executables

According to Chen, leveraging the cloud allows for a dramatically lower response time in the region of just 15-30 minutes — a far cry when compared to de-facto situation of weekly, or daily, antivirus definition updates. The technology won’t be out until at least later this year, though.

In this day of pervasive broadband connectivity, is Trend Micro’s cloud-based antivirus protection the solution, or simply delaying the inevitable? The death of the traditional antivirus approach has already been foretold a thousand times over by now. Other than whitelisting, are you aware of any other solutions on the horizon?