Word makes publishing content to the Web easy. Simply save the Word file as an HTML document to generate (practically) Web-ready content. But that single step alone won’t perfectly transform the file. For instance, you’ll want to choose your font(s) carefully when publishing content to the Web because, typically, a Web page supports only two fonts: one for normal text and one for monospace text. It’s best if you control the fonts Word uses when preparing content for the Web, as follows:

  1. Choose Options from the Tools menu. On the General tab, click the Web Options option. Office 2007 users should click the Office button and then click Word Options (in the bottom-right corner), choose Advanced in the left pane, click Web Options (scroll all the way down), and then click the Fonts tab.
  2. Select a font and size from the Proportional Font and Size controls, respectively. Choose the font you want to use as the default for normal text.
  3. Select a font and size for displaying monospace text from the Fixed-width Font drop-down list and Size controls, respectively.
  4. Click OK twice.

This simple extra step will save you time later because you won’t have to adjust font face or size after the content is published. Your Webmaster or site editor will appreciate your efforts too.

Preview your Web content by choosing Web Page Preview from the File menu.