Nothing is probably more embarrassing than sending out a
letter that misspells your client’s last name. You can avoid this situation by
having Word check the spelling for you. First, you will need to create a custom
dictionary of your client’s names. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
    Tools | Options and click the Spelling & Grammar tab.
  2. Click
    the Custom Dictionaries button.
  3. Click
    New and type a name for your dictionary (for example, Clients) in the File
    Name text box.
  4. To enter a client’s name, select your dictionary in the
    Custom Dictionaries dialog box and click Modify. Type a name (with the correct
    spelling) in the Word text box, then press [Enter] or click Add.
  5. Continue these
    steps until you have entered all names. Your custom dictionary’s check box
    should be checked when you click OK. Click OK twice to close all dialog boxes.

When you misspell a name listed in your custom dictionary,
Word will flag it and give you the correct spelling in the shortcut menu. Your
custom dictionary will also prevent Word from flagging correctly-spelled last
names that aren’t already included in Word’s default dictionary.

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