Amazon Web Services (AWS) will let Software as a Service (SaaS) application developers offer private endpoints, the company announced at re:Invent Tuesday.

Through AWS PrivateLink, users will be able to access third-party SaaS applications without sharing their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with the public internet, according to a press release said. This gives users a more private and secure option to work through on the platform.

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The ability to limit the internet’s access to a user’s VPC is a “critical component” to a user or organization’s security, according to the release. Third-party SaaS apps often cause a user to decide between giving up some privacy and not using them at all. PrivateLink seems to provide a compromise.

“We have seen a growing desire from our enterprise customers to move from traditional on-premises applications to SaaS offerings hosted in the cloud. However, we have also heard that adoption of many SaaS offerings is limited by customers’ desire not to expose their data to the Internet,” Matt Garman, AWS’s vice president of compute services, said in the release.

When using a PrivateLink-powered service, a user’s traffic stays in the AWS network, potentially reducing threat vectors and DDoS attacks, according to the release.

By having the option to securely work while using third-party applications, organizations may no longer need to decide between privacy and an app that’s beneficial to their company.

The new feature also helps simplify a company’s network structure by connecting services across different accounts within an organization, according to the press release. A smaller network reduces the number of potentially vulnerable spots a company has to protect from cyber attacks.

PrivateLink rolled out to AWS users earlier in November, according to the release. Now, the feature supports non-AWS services for users in the North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. AWS is providing a new feature that lets developers offer private endpoints in the service, the company announced at re:Invent Tuesday.
  2. Through AWS PrivateLink, users will be able to access third-party applications without sharing their VPC with the public internet.
  3. The tool gives AWS users a chance to boost their security while no longer needing to decide between a potentially beneficial third-party program and privacy.