I am part of Generation X and very proud to be. Lately, I have been highly aggravated at the Baby Boomer generation. They constantly moan and groan and whine about how our country is going to fall apart once they retire and pass the baton to Generation X.

Are you serious? You couldn’t be more wrong. For fun, I constructed a conversation between a Baby Boomer and a Generation X individual.

Baby Boomer: I fear that once I retire, the good ol’ US of A as we now know it will collapse. You have no sense of loyalty and are all about what you can do to better yourself in the moment with total disregard for others. We are in serious trouble.

Generation X: Really? You are quite amusing almost comical. When you were my age, you were smoking pot and doing all sorts of illicit substances in the name of peace. While you were busy making love, not war and protesting our troops in Vietnam, the Gen X’s were busy growing their 401K’s, mutual funds, and preparing for the future. I believe we will take this country to the next level. Please retire and don’t worry about Social Security, we will fix it.

Baby Boomer: You pompous as%&*%. You are so arrogant. You have no respect. If we leave our country to the likes of you, you will run it to the ground and suck it dry. We need LEADERSHIP, LOYALTY, PASSION, and COMMITMENT. You display none of these qualities.

Generation X: I am sorry you feel that way. Instead of pointing fingers and crying like a baby, why don’t you step up and provide mentorship.

End of Conversation…

Mentorship. Why has everyone forgotten this great word? In order to build great leaders, you have to teach the younger generation on how to be great leaders. Mentorship is the crucial key here. Somewhere, the baby boomers got all about themselves and forgot to pass on the skills necessary to pass the baton. Wake up! It is your responsibility to mentor and raise great leaders.

If Generation X fails, it is not only our fault but the fault of the previous leadership. I have several mentors and I constantly learn from them through feedback and constructive criticism. Please stop pointing fingers and start mentoring and showing us younger folks what it takes to be a great leader. Your whining just irritates me. What is your take? The Hot Button wants to know.